Overdue for an Update

So I’m very overdue for an update! I haven’t posted in forever, even though I have done fun things like go to Kanamara Matsuri, go to DisneySea, and start work!

Kanamara Matsuri was the first Sunday in April. I happened to mention it to Sam and Lulu the night before, and they said “thank goodness you told us about it, we want to come too!” So the three of us took the train to Kawasaki the next day, and stepped off the train at Kawasaki-Daishi station and right into the middle of the festival! The parade was passing the station just as we got there, so we hurried over to see the three penises. I would say the crowd was at least 40% foreigners, which is an extremely high percentage of foreigners to see anywhere – I’m not sure it’s even that much at Tokyo’s hottest tourist sights, like Senso-ji Temple near where I live. Unfortunately, a lot of them were drinking and being boorish assholes, taunting the performing monkey, shouting obscenities…drinking is perfectly fine, but being a boorish asshole is not. I was kind of embarrassed, honestly – we decided I could be French for the day, rather than American. The festival was uncomfortably crowded, though, and I was unable to get any penis-shaped popsicles or anything like that – it was just too damn crowded. I did buy a couple of penis-shaped souvenirs, though, so I have something fun to remember the day by!

A couple of days after the Kanamara Matsuri, I started work. Since then I have been really busy! I did have time to go to DisneySea on Monday, though, again with Sam and Lulu. I had been before, but that was by myself, and honestly there’s no comparison – going alone is not only kind of pathetic, it’s not nearly as fun. You don’t scream on the rides, you don’t get to laugh with anyone…it’s much better with friends! We had a great time, and even though the weather was perfect, it wasn’t too crowded. We had good seats for Legend of Mythica and Fantasmic! (which isn’t quite the same as the California version), we went on fun rides, and we bought a few souvenirs. But the best part of the day was just enjoying the fun of a Disney park with really good friends. I am so lucky Sam and Lulu are right here in my building, they are truly one of the best things about Tokyo, and I will miss them greatly when they return to France!

I have decorated my “apartment” (room) a little more now – a poster from Etsy, some Sky Tree postcards, and cards from loved ones at home. It’s still small, but it looks better now. And I have seen them testing the Sky Tree lighting schemes from my window, so that’s totally awesome! I really like my apartment.