All Hail Pipeman

Drain cleaner is an amazing thing. I have been dealing with an overflowing drain for weeks and weeks now, because I would forget whenever I was done with my shower, and it’s also hard to look up things like that sometimes. I have a Japanese “unit bath” which basically means the shower drains outside the tub itself, in what westerners think of as a dry area. Japanese people actually wash themselves in this area, hence the need for water to drain out of it; they then climb into the tub for a nice soak. I wash western-style, which is to say, standing in the tub; I bought a shower curtain to keep things outside the tub dry.

Anyway, the “dry” portion of the shower room kept flooding whenever I would shower. I have a hair trap there, and I kept it clean, and I would reach into the drain itself and pull stuff out, that had snuck past the hair trap, but still it kept getting worse and worse. What can I say, I have long hair…and the bathroom was nasty when I got here, so it probably wasn’t just mine, either. I didn’t particularly want to reach down there with tape on an unbent hanger, because loose hair is actually one of the things that grosses me out pretty badly. So I figured I would get drain cleaner eventually, but I kept putting it off.

Today I finally got off my butt and looked up what drain cleaner is called here, and went to the drugstore to get some. The “double the hair removing power” kind I found online was not available, but regular Pipeman (パイプマン) was, so I got that. I brought it home and dumped about a third of the bottle down the drain, then went out for a few hours. When I came back, I put a kettle on, and when it was hot I poured it down…instant draining!

That’s probably years and years of nasty hair buildup gone. I couldn’t be happier, I just wish I hadn’t waited so long!

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