The Pizza Cycle

Remember when Domino’s used to have a 30 minute guarantee, where if your pizza didn’t show up in 30 minutes, it was free? And remember how they got rid of that because drivers kept killing people in a race to beat the clock?

A couple of weeks ago, while my friend from New York was here, neither of us felt like going out, so we ordered pizza. For some reason, the delivery guy gave me a 500 yen coupon – I didn’t know why, but I held onto it! Tonight I didn’t feel like cooking, so I thought maybe I’d use that coupon and get a cheap pizza. The “Forever Home Alone” special is a medium 2-topping and a can of soda for ¥1,399 and the coupon works on it, knocking the price down to just $11.19 at the current exchange rate – really cheap for delivery pizza in Japan! I had to add a side order to meet the delivery minimum (¥1,050) so I ended up with pizza, a can of soda, and some fries for ¥1,203. When I put the coupon in, it showed up as “delivery delay” – so that’s what that was for!

So I ordered the pizza, and it said delivery would be in 30 minutes. Sure, no problem! I figure it changes the estimated delivery time if it’s raining or a weekend. I glanced at the time just to see how long it actually took. 37 minutes after placing the order, the pizza was at my door, and I handed over cash and the coupon – not that he asked me for it, but I figured it was the right thing to do. And then…he produced another 500 yen “delivery delay” coupon for me!

Naturally, I will be ordering another pizza sometime, because this coupon gives me about 40% off – it is a major coupon. They’ll offer 10% off coupons on rainy days (they expire about 5 days later), but I’ve never taken advantage because it’s still too expensive. But shoot, I can get pizza for 500 yen off?! I will be doing this again! And if it takes more than 30 minutes next time…well, that’s the pizza cycle!

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