Texas Double Yuck

The Burger King “Manthem” commercial is back on TV, almost identical to its spring 2006 version. And it’s time for me to add my voice to those of many other bloggers who have expressed their dislike for this ad spot.

Although I have been a vegetarian since 1993, my dislike for this ad has nothing to do with the Texas Double Whopper burger itself or the I Eat Meat slogan. Many people eat meat, that’s fine with me if that’s what they want to do. My dislike stems from the appropriation of Helen Reddy’s 1972 song I Am Woman, which was used as an anthem for the women’s liberation movement which was just taking flight around that time. And even though Reddy herself said that it was a “general empowerment song,” the fact is that it is specifically about the gender divide and Burger King has cruelly twisted the song’s history. How many young Americans are not familiar with that song? Do they think it’s a catchy jingle? How many think it’s a good perversion of a classic protest anthem? Would they be so willing to endorse a corporate-generated version of “We Shall Overcome” if it was written to sell hamburgers?

2 thoughts on “Texas Double Yuck

  1. I couldn’t agree more.

    I think think its a ridiculous ploy on BK’s part to bastardize that song and it’s concept — plus, I’m a bit miffed that they dismiss healthy food as being “chick food.” I’m sure their intent was to make fun of the manly man stereotype, but it just came off as insulting.

  2. Hey, im a man and I eat healthy and dont care what any other man has to say about it. I even have a cookbook called The Paleo Recipe Book and I use it all the time. Meredith, there are even veggie dishes in there for you to enjoy! Eating natural is the key to staying healthy and disease free.

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